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Vanilla Bean
Delightfully exotic and alluring.
Lavender Lace
Delightfully exotic and alluring
Creamy Coconut
Delightfully exotic and alluring.
Tunisian Myrrh
Woodsy, deep and earthy.
Tunisian Musk
Tunisian Musk is sweet, juicy and sensual.
Tunisian Frankincense
Woodsy, spicy, deep and tangy.
Tea Rose
Smells just like a beautiful English Rose.
Frankincense & Myrrh
Spicy, deep and delicately sweet with woody undertones. These revered...
African Gardenia
A slightly sweet, pure gardenia scent.
African Musk
Light and airy with a hint of musk.
Arabian Musk
Very light, balanced, slightly sweet, and clean.
A light, balanced, crisp and clean scent with musk undertones.
Gardenia Musk
Slightly sweet floral notes with light back notes of musk.
Honeysuckle Rose
Honeysuckle Rose: A beautiful blend of honeysuckle and rose, sweet and strong.
Myrrh & Sandalwood
Woody, earthy, deep, broad based and clean with citrus notes.
Ocean Dreams
Rich, spicy, earthy with musk undertones.
Opium and Jasmine
A blend of strong and spicy, sweet and flowery.
Sedona Journey
Earthy, woody and spicy.
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