How To Choose a Scent


Choosing a fragrance is as personal as choosing what you wear. The way a particular fragrance smells on you is determined by your natural body chemistry. Everyone’s body chemistry is different and is influenced by things like diet, hormones, skin type, and life style. This is why the same fragrance smells different on different people. When choosing a scent, apply a drop to your skin. Wait a few minutes giving it a chance to breathe, then, experience the aroma.

Fragrance Types:

Citrus: Citrus fragrances are lively and tangy, energetic and vibrant. Derived from exactly that you would expect; lemon, lime, tangerine, grapefruit, and orange. Perfect daytime freshness; these scents will awaken your senses and brighten a gloomy day.

Floral: The most popular scent category. A classic choice with a feminine touch; light, sweet and romantic. These are scents inspired with notes of rose, jasmine, lily, violet, lavender and more. A great choice for every day or a special occasion when you feel as beautiful as the blossoms in your garden.

Fruity: Bright, fresh and youthful; like a downpour of happiness on your skin. Apple, berry, and coconut are just some of the scents in this category. Wear a fruity scent to a party or an afternoon adventure.

Gourmand: Reminiscent of childhood, when mom used to bake sweet desserts in the kitchen. The smell of vanilla, chocolate and sweet sugar. Warm your skin and make yourself irresistible; an olfactory delight.

Green: These scents are the ultimate in freshness! They are light, crisp, and clean. These fragrances remind you of springtime and freshly cut grass. Great for daytime or when you’re outdoors, when you’re feeling active and sporty.

Oceanic: These fragrances are influenced by the sea. They remind us of the fresh salty air when we last visited the beach. they are light, calm, relaxing, and will not over power your senses. Great for everyday wear to the office, or when you want a subtle hint of fragrance without having the spotlight on you.

Oriental: Fragrances in this category are light, exotic and sensual. They have a hint of mystery and wonder. With powdery notes of soft sweetness these scents draw you in and keep you guessing. You’ll always want just one more sniff, Wear these fragrances when you want to grab the attention of that someone special.

Spicy: These scents are deep and rich with the right amount of kick. They are inspired by luxurious spices: cinnamon, sage, pepper, and frankincense. Wear these scents when you’re feeling seductive, but you don’t want to lose your edge.

Woody: These unisex fragrances are inspired by the forest. Oak, moss, patchouli, and sandalwood are just a few of the earthly aromas found in woody scents. Bring yourself back to nature; wrap yourself in the scent of mother earth when you wear one of these fragrances.


Now that you’ve chosen your scent, apply just enough that it emanates no more than an arm’s length away. Others will notice when entering your personal space. When the temperature is warm, a scent carries farther than when it’s cold. Many people like wearing a lighter fragrance in the summer and a heavier one in the winter.