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Persian Garden – Grounded, smooth, very light and clean with a hint of mystery. Strangers will fall in love with you as you walk by.

Please Note:  1/2 oz. is now being packaged in a rectangular vanity bottle without a roller ball.

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  • Clean, rich, pure scent
  • Alcohol-free
  • Long lasting
  • Oil based
  • Concentrated
  • A few drops go a long way

Kuumba Made® brings together the best of nature and science to create distinctive, full-bodied, complex blends, carefully balanced with top, middle and bottom notes. Our sense of smell is the most mysterious of all human senses. It is an inner world that binds us to distant memories and sparks our imagination. Kuumba Made® exquisite fragrance oil is adored around the world and because we never compromise quality, we have many loyal customers.



USAGE: Apply just enough Persian Garden Fragrance Oil to pulse points so the scent emanates no more than an arm’s length away. Others will notice when entering your personal space.

PERSIAN GARDEN FRAGRANCE OIL INGREDIENTS: Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba seed oil), and or Cocos nucifera (Coconut) oil, parfum (Kuumba Made’s own fragrance blend with natural and essential oils).


  1. Laura H.

    Out to lunch the other day, my server said, “You smell really good!” I thanked her and she followed up with, “…Is that Kuumba Made’s Persian Garden?” “It sure is,” I said. We both laughed, high-fived, and admitted how obsessed we are with the scent.

  2. Katherine Linnea

    I hope Kuumba Made NEVER stops making this scent . I have been wearing it for nearly 7 years and I always get compliments on my scent. I love hearing my boyfriend and my friends tell me, “You smell so good, you smell like you.” Persian Garden is absolutely my signature scent and I plan to wear it forever.

  3. Valorie Price

    I Love Persian Garden. It is the only perfume I wear. I have been hooked on it since about 2007. I have 4 roll on bottles, body oil, lotion, bath salt and I use the larger bottle of fragrance oil to refill my roll ons that I keep in my car, purse and makeup bag. I am always complemented on how fresh it and I smell. Please never stop making it.

  4. Marina Alyssa (verified owner)

    Persian Garden is a very light floral musky fresh scent. I ordered samples of all the most popular scents and almost passed this one by because I could barely smell it compared to the other ones I got. It’s still hard for me to smell or identify it at first but when I wear it, throughout the day I’ll get whiffs and feel so calm and relaxed. It’s so natural, clean and soothing. It seems unisex as well, it kind of reminds me of my grandfather, which is probably why I’ve grown so attached to it. I really do love this!

  5. Ashley Sylvester

    Persian Garden is perfect in literally any season. You have no idea how in love I am with this fragrance, and how much it suits me. The sillage is *just* enough and it’s *just* sweet enough and *just* enough musk to make it androgynous. It’s so clean yet warm. I get compliments on it everytime I wear it, and yet it’s so affordable. If you ever stopped making it, I don’t know what I would do…I plan to be a lifelong customer. If you make it, I’ll buy it. Thanks!

  6. Fanny Garcia

    This is by far my favorite scent ever purchased and believe me I have gone through a lot. It makes me feel seductive and yummy. I also get compliments when people go in for hugs. However, it’s not potent enough to linger in the room. You do have to apply it multiple times during the day to keep it going. It helps me feel relaxed and feel calm.

  7. Taylor

    I hope Kuumba Made never stops making this scent. It is my absolute favorite, hands down. It is the only scent that I will wear. I receive so many complements on it and people always ask what I am wearing. It is my signature scent!! I’ve gotten so many of my family members hooked on it.

  8. Kenzie (verified owner)

    I’ve never been uneasy about a product I love being on sale! This is my all-time, hands-down, favorite scent! PLEASE do not stop making this scent!

  9. Victoria

    I love the light, warm scent of Persian Garden. This is an amazing fragrance which I love. It is light and never overpowering, but always pleasant.

  10. Dee

    This is a beautiful wearable soft floral which also mixes well with Vanilla. That’s how I like to wear it anyway. Clean and complex, airy and sexy. Love it.

  11. Madison

    I LOVE this scent. It mixes so well with my natural smell. Everyone I’m around always compliments how I smell when I wear this. I’ve even had people talk about how great I smelled amongst themselves and debate about it. It’s great. My all time favorite sent. I’ll never stop wearing it. People are literally obsessed with my scent.

  12. kat

    I happened upon the small 1/8 ounce roller at Whole Foods and this has become a daily post-shower ritual for me. The scent is so beautiful – I get strangers stopping me to ask what it is. I love it!

  13. Michele

    How could you not love this scent!!!

  14. Ashley Johnson Wyatt (verified owner)

    I should apologize for not leaving a review before now….seriously that’s how much I love it! I started wearing Persian garden years back..I think it could’ve been even 10+ years ago and it’s like it’s apart of me. but it has been what I’ve worn everyday since. The scent almost has this mysterious-like capture of anyone that’s within 5-10 feet …as in two aisles over at the grocery store a man came up to me and apologetically said he couldn’t stop himself from going to find where and what it was.

    This happens to me at least several times a week.

    I love how light it is and how much it makes me feel like me!!!

  15. Lauren

    I wear the body lotion and absolutely love it. I can smell it through the day!! It’s light and kind of has a light musk undertone. I love wearing vanilla fragrance oil with it , but I need to try the Persian garden oil too.

  16. katie

    i love this product with all my freaking heart!! please never stop making it

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