2024 Clean Beauty Award Finalists

Explore our award-winning collection! Each of these products has earned its place as a finalist in the 2024 Clean Beauty Awards. This coveted recognition illuminates our commitment to not only enhancing beauty but doing so responsibly, with meticulous attention to safe ingredients that nurture your skin.

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Honey Facial Cleanser

Honey Facial Cleanser lifts away excess oil and impurities leaving skin feeling moisturized, softened, and refreshed.

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Organic Rose Facial Mist

Rose Facial Mist gently soothes, balances, and refreshes. Pair with our Kuumba Made Facial Serums and Oils for ultimate hydration.

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Strawberry Facial Oil

Strawberry Facial Oil helps to improve texture, brighten skin, and improve the signs of aging.

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Sonoran Soles

Sonoran Soles is the ultimate moisturizer for hands and feet. A replenishing treatment for feet that love to explore the world.

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