Floral & Classic

The most popular scent category! These sweet and romantic scents are a classic choice; ranging from light, sun-kissed spring blossoms to velvety and intoxicating decadence. Fragrant bouquets of garden roses, wild jasmine, lily of the valley, and lavender conjure images of summer garden parties and and vibrant floral shops. A great choice for every day, or when you are feeling as soft and sensual as a fresh flower.

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Tropical & Alluring

Bright, fresh and youthful; like a downpour of color and golden sunshine on your skin! These scents are a fun, romantic getaway full of freshly cracked coconuts and exotic flower leis! Wear a tropical scent to teleport yourself to a Hawaiian botanical garden or the beaches of the Caribbean.

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Earthy & Grounded

These grounding fragrances are inspired by thick old growth forests, roots growing in rich dirt, and fresh ferns. Oakmoss, patchouli, and sandalwood bring you back to nature and wrap you in the elegant scent of Mother Earth.

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Spicy & Enchanting

These captivating scents are lively and sensual with bold notes of cinnamon, pepper, and frankincense that evoke warmth and intrigue, transporting us to cozy fall days with mugs of hot cider and enchanting marketplaces abundant with exotic spices.

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Light & Fresh

Clean and bright, these scents are reminiscent of springtime flowers, sun showers, and fresh zest. They are a picnic in the green grass and a stroll along the water's edge. Explore these if you like your scents uplifting, sunny and airy.

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Exotic & Mysterious

Fragrances in this category are rich and mysterious. Alluring amber and potent resins are softened with sweet, sensual florals. They embody the riches and warm spices of the Silk Road between East Asia, Persia, Arabia, and India. This category houses fragrances with notes of resin, spice, and light florals.

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