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Lapis Lazuli Ritual Gift Set

Lapis Lazuli Ritual Gift Set

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Lapis Lazuli unifies the physical and spiritual realms and encourages inner wisdom, purpose, and authentic expression.

Intuition is an intentional scent with a soft and grounding effect. It is a divine elixir that combines sanctifying Palo Santo and Frankincense with Rose. A base of organic coconut oil is infused with rich vanilla beans, nourishing rose petals, and lapis lazuli gemstones. Enjoy as an effective aromatherapy and elegant fragrance, and treasure this unique and beautiful gemstone. 

Supercharge your intuition and melt away tension with a naturally gorgeous Lapis Lazuli Massage Roller, or gift this unique set to someone you want to send beauty and wisdom. 

This set includes: 

  • One 10 mL Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Aromatherapy Roll On
  • One Lapis Lazuli Massage Roller

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