Collection: Lemon Myrtle

Backhousia citriodora

Refreshingly elevating, lemon myrtle supports healthy respiration and clear thinking with its bright citrus top notes and grassy herbaceous undertones. The essential oil of this Australian tree has potent antiseptic properties which have been attributed to high levels of citral, one of the lemony-scented molecules in the oil. Researchers found that the complete essential oil with all the trace components intact is more effective than isolated citral. We only use pure 100% steam distilled backhousia citriodora essential oil to ensure that all the botanical constituents are present in their natural proportions.

In addition to its purifying properties, lemon myrtle is also good for pain. Its soothing action on nerve discomfort and muscle tension, along with its cooling and relaxing properties, make it an essential component of our Cool and Calm formulas.