Collection: Rose

Rosa damascena

Forever adored for their heavenly scent and beauty, roses are the epitome of floral romance; they inspire feelings of warmth and joy, and encourage the heart to soften. The scent of a rose is as lush and velvety as its petals.

Roses are at the heart of our company’s beginnings, when in 1980 Kuumba began making coconut oil by hand and infusing it with delicate rose petals from her garden. We still produce our cherished rose coconut oil today, infusing rich, organic coconut oil with organic rose petals and the luxurious addition of the finest rose otto from Bulgaria. This precious essential oil is bright and intoxicating, embodying high, effervescent vibrations like a colorful bloom being held up in summer sunlight.

We also use a Moroccan rose absolute when we desire a deeper, more mysterious and alluring rose scent. This oil is thicker and more resinous, exuding exotic luxury and majesty. We love this sublime aroma combined with the deeper notes of other favorite oils like sandalwood and vetiver.