Collection: Vanilla Bean

Vanilla spp.

Vanilla beans come from orchids of the genus Vanilla, which must be cultivated with great care and hand-pollinated to produce the beans. The sweet fragrance and flavor come from an enzymatic reaction that occurs when the beans are slowly cured and dried; this long labor-intensive process is the primary reason for the high price of true vanilla beans.

These beans are most precious to us not just because of how expensive they are but because they exhibit a unique rich, warm, and sweet scent. Infused into coconut oil, the result is an intoxicating aroma for a luxurious bath and body oil.

We also use the finest vanilla CO2 extract in three of our Gemstone Aromatherapy blends because of its ability to soften tense moods, relax inhibitions, and dissolve agitation and frustration. We cherish this precious oil for its universal appeal and the rich, soft body it holds in our aromatherapy blends. We love how this scent combines with so many others, and relish in the pleasant, softening effect on the emotions.