Collection: West Indian Bay

Pimenta racemosa

Also known as West Indian Bay, pimenta racemosa shares many of it’s aromatic components and medicinal properties with allspice and nutmeg. The leaves of this fragrant tree are prized in kitchens throughout the West Indies for their delicious spice, and are also used around the home as an insect repellant and air freshener. Like other herbs containing eugenol and myrcene, bay leaf is beneficial anywhere that soothing warmth is needed.

Kuumba learned about Bay from a West Indian friend in her dance and drumming community. She created the spicy, effective formulas for Joint Support and Sprain & Strain with inspiration from the island of Dominica. This incredibly beautiful Caribbean island has 365 rivers, natural hot springs, tropical rainforests, and a volcanic mountain where cinnamon, ginger, and eucalyptus all grow. We love these Caribbean formulas because they are effective and do not burn the skin.