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Pikake Lei

Pikake Lei

Clean • Long-lasting • Vegan

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A Hawaiian lei made of enticing jasmine with notes of sunny bergamot and fresh gardenia dancing on a tropical breeze.

This fragrance is also part of our Tropical Dreams Collection.

Pikake is the Hawaiian name for jasmine.

  • Clean, rich, pure scent
  • Alcohol-free
  • Long lasting
  • Oil based
  • Concentrated
  • A few drops go a long way


Jojoba oil, safflower oil, fragrance.

To Use

Roll a small amount onto pulse points and gently dab onto the neck as desired.

External use only. Avoid contact with eyes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Delightful sent

I love this scent. A little definitely goes a long way! I get many compliments….favorite

BEAUTIFUL scent helps take away your stress

To me this is a VERY RELAXING scent🌸
I’ve been having sinus problems in my face and neck. After my chiropractor adjusted me she had me smell Pikake Lei. It was a WONDERFUL scent and she used it for my facial/neck massage. It helped SO MUCH indescribable. When I got home I texted asking her where she bought it, she told me, here, giving me the link.
I put it on the inside of both arms when I went to bed last night. It relaxed me so I could go to sleep. I day had been stressful. I was at my oncologist and he told me there were 2 small spots on my lungs. I’d been battling 2 other cancer places and both were much better and one healed. But now this😖
I also love the scent of frankincense but hadn’t bought it yet. When reading reviews I read one lady’s husbands has cancer and she put it on his back. It helped ease his pain. Today I just purchased some.~~anxious for it to come so I can try.

Sweet and bright

I absolutely love this scent. The gardenia really pulls through and plays perfectly with the jasmine bergamot. Its a bright yellow fruity floral.

Zara Malik

The pleasant scent of gardenia & jasmine brings me back to my travels of adventure & relaxation.
For aromatherapy if I had to guess it’s feminine energy.
I was instantly drawn to this blend.
A fragrance light enough to enjoy daily.

Sensual floral

There is nothing sharp about this one in my opinion. Smells like a sensual warm white floral. Very calming and sweet without any sharpness or bite. I smell white jasmine flowers and something sweet and fruity. Wonderful combination. It nearly has a hint of vanilla but in a very natural and not cloying way. Like a skin scent mixed with smooth florals. Reminds me of a summer rain when you walk through a lush garden right after it rained. Also smells a bit like sweet honeysuckles or mimosa. It’s very comforting and a nice warm floral without being over powering. At first it smelled like gardenia to me but then it turned into Jasmine and something less green smelling. Either way this is absolutely wonderful and gorgeous. I can’t stop smelling my wrist.