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Vanilla Bean

Vanilla Bean

Clean • Long-lasting • Vegan

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Soft, warm, and comforting. This delicious, irresistible scent is lightly sweet and truly intoxicating. Divine perfection!

This fragrance is also part of our Vanilla Bean Four Treasures Collection and our Home Spa Day Gift Package.

  • Clean, rich, pure scent
  • Alcohol-free
  • Long lasting
  • Oil based
  • Concentrated
  • A few drops go a long way


Jojoba oil, safflower oil, fragrance.

To Use

Roll a small amount onto pulse points and gently dab onto the neck as desired.

External use only. Avoid contact with eyes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
took it a bit

i tested positive for covid the day this was delivered to my address so i’m not sure if i’m getting the full effect of this but i did put it on to try. on first application it was incredibly spicy and not a hint of vanilla that i could sense - just very perfume-y with no notes if that makes any sense. i may just be going off of a diminished sense of smell but about 2-3 hours later i caught a whiff of this (i’d put it on the inside of my wrists and rubbed them together) and finally got that sweet vanilla scent i’d been looking for. still very spicy, not sure what that’s about, but the vanilla is nice. not something i would order again just for the fact i was looking for a gentle sweet vanilla and this was more like a straight smack to the face with the strong perfume spice it carries. i will say it does last quite a while - it’s been maybe 4 hours now and still as potent as ever.

Love love love

I love so much I need to buy a big bottle because this is my new everyday wear I can’t get enough


I’m very picky when it comes to perfumes and fragrances and I like a very specific scent. I’ve been told multiple times that I smell like cake / funnel cake , i love it!

Lindsey Lowry

Just nice sweet vanilla, not musky as far as I can tell.

Actually just vanilla scent! Excellent for the scent-sensitive

Very excited to find this vanilla bean scented oil. It smells of just vanilla, nothing extra or floral, which I have been seeking for forever. The scent isn't strong but it warms as you wear it. It does require reapplication as it only lasts a few hours at a time but honestly, the scent is so lovely that doesn't bother me. I'm very sensitive to scent and can't wear most things, this is the only thing I've found i enjoy.

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